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After a long holiday overseas to visit family, we are finally back in action! After a little more tinkering and reading up on Unity execution order, it looked there was a limit to the number of physics updates I could make to a single collider per Update/FixedUpdate, or at least they weren’t synced with engine when […]

In-Game Editor FTW

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Like many before us, we’ve decided to go with Unity. It’s free(ish), cross-platform, flexible, well documented, has a good community and uses C# and JavaScript for scripting, both of which I am familiar with. After reading up on some Unity tips and what other people are doing, it seemed like it would be more useful to have an […]

Character sketches

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The blogs been up and running for over 2 weeks now so I’ve decided that its time for an update! In the past couple of weeks I have been working on trying to develop the look for our unnamed game (note to self: Come up with a cool code name while we thing of a name for […]

Hello world

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Hello world, this is Fat Woods!We are a small group that has gotten together to make some games. Our first game is… unnamed. But it is a turn based oblique puzzle game, where every step you take advances the age of the world and brings everything a step closer to death. It may sound grim, but […]