Birthday Card

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This week my wife and I had a birthday of a close friend. Because he loves his tablets and his apps we decided to make him a game instead of a card. My wife drew some pictures and we chucked it into a game over a couple of nights. It’s made to run on his […]

Example Level

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Here is a example of a level where this game is at now. Every level runs over the course of a day, during which every object ages, changes and dies. I’ve also made a simple menu system which is touch friendly. We’ve added a few object in, but please excuse the placeholders!

Desert Island?

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Tim and I have thrown around ideas of what the game could look like; lately I’ve been thinking that a desert island could work well. The mechanics of the game involve only having a certain number of steps (time) to get to a specific point; this fits well with a person stranded on an island, […]


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There aren’t a lot a new changes, but now you can see the idea that trees can grow over time, and that the current time can be set by the slider in the top left. All actions are recorded, so you can seek back and forth through time, similar to my last post. Later on […]


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As our game is slow paced, we thought it would be good if you could just rewind if you stuff up, rather than have to do the whole level again, Braid style. So here I’ve implemented basic action seeking; this means I can queue actions (e.g. move forward), seek through the queue, rewind and clear.


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After a long holiday overseas to visit family, we are finally back in action! After a little more tinkering and reading up on Unity execution order, it looked there was a limit to the number of physics updates I could make to a single collider per Update/FixedUpdate, or at least they weren’t synced with engine when […]

In-Game Editor FTW

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Like many before us, we’ve decided to go with Unity. It’s free(ish), cross-platform, flexible, well documented, has a good community and uses C# and JavaScript for scripting, both of which I am familiar with. After reading up on some Unity tips and what other people are doing, it seemed like it would be more useful to have an […]

Hello world

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Hello world, this is Fat Woods!We are a small group that has gotten together to make some games. Our first game is… unnamed. But it is a turn based oblique puzzle game, where every step you take advances the age of the world and brings everything a step closer to death. It may sound grim, but […]