We released a game!

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On the 25th of February, we finally released our first game, Under the Sun. There were a lot of unknowns prior to release, especially as it was our first time; but 50 days later, we’ve had 430,00 downloads and there have been 2.8M levels passed. But more importantly, people seem to be enjoying it! It’s pretty […]


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Over the long weekend, half of Stegabyte (Alex/me), did the Global Game Jam, and made Thunderpants. The theme of the game jam was: We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are My game is a 3 way free-for-all where each character you touch turns into a clone of you. Oh, […]


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We made a quick concept prototype over the last few days. Eat your way to the top of the foodchain in Edimites! It is designed to end up being a 2D platforming rougelike where must eat, upgrade and become new creatures, discovering and naming new types as a community. It’s very rough at the moment, […]

Tortoises and Tumbles

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Last week made some progress on this game. We added tortoises; they move one square per move, have the strength to move two boulders, and can change direction when being blocked. This can add a lot more complexity to the puzzles. We also added in some chacter animations so he looks a little more lively, […]