Wrapping up the year

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Making a game, with two people, in your spare time, takes a while. Some weeks we work 10 hours, some months only an hour or two. It’s been close to a couple of years since we started, but I think we are nearly done. It’ll be nice to have finally finished something.

At PAX Aus we told some of you that we were aiming to release in December, but with New Year’s Eve tomorrow, I think it unlikely (keep an eye out in January!). We are at the stage where we are doing lots of boring stuff; credit pages, IAP testing, filling out tax forms, blah blah blah…. but we are also making new levels! I’ve attached one for you to have a go on and see a new critter. You’ll probably have to play it with a mouse, and no tutorials, but good luck!

Web Demo Preview

Feel free to sign up on our landing page, and we’ll let you know when it is out!

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