More game art

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In my last post, which I think was almost a month ago, I had hoped that +Alexander Tulloh  and I would be able to update this blog on a bi-weekly basis. Turns out we struggle to make weekly updates. I think this due to the amount of time we have to work on this project. In the past month I’ve only managed to log 8.5hrs on FatWoods related projects so there really hasn’t been a lot of progress on my side. Its like posting daily updates on a 9 to5 job, chances are the updates are not going to be very interesting.

So over the last few weeks I’ve started UV unwrapping most of the 3d assets and thrown some textures on them. Neither of us are overly thrilled with the current direction and we aren’t really sure of direction we should go in yet. There might be some big graphical changes before my next post!

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