Game art update!

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted any art work from our game which will try and change. Actually I will talk to +Alexander Tulloh about posting weekly. I think it would be good if he posted every Tuesdays and I’ll post on Thursdays.

Anyway, back to the game art. Since my last post our character has not really progressed, we have bounced a few ideas around but we haven’t put pen to paper yet. I have some ideas I want to sketch out, hopefully I find some time this weekend .

At the moment I’ve moved to creating some of the level assets. I thought it was time to start building some placeholder models so that we can see how they work with in the game and work out some of the technical aspects.  Below I’ve arranged some of the common assets to resemble a level. So far we have ground and water “blocks”; ladders, bridges, trees and that grey blob is the start of a rock. It will look better when I’m done. I promise!  Its all Work In Progress art but I think it gives an idea at the direction I’m heading with the art.

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